EDC 2019 – Boards

Below are the rosters of the European Diplomacy Championship.

  • Round 1: November 23, 11:30
  • Round 2: November 23, 15:30
  • Round 3: November 24, 11.15

Rosters and results will be published as soon as they roll in. See also:

EDC2019 round 1 board 1
Claesar webDipAustria58
Tom de GreefEngland45
Thaddäus StrukFrance633
Kees van MontfoortGermany633
Tjeerd BroersmaItaly34
Martijn BoumanRussia58
Marvin FriedTurkey58
EDC2019 round 1 board 2PlayerCountryCentersScore
Dirk BrüggemannAustria01
Cyrille SevinEngland715
Dave van LeeuwenFrance67
Hunter KatcherGermany01
Ullrich MüllerItaly924
Fabian HuberRussia12
Philipp WeissertTurkey1150
EDC2019 round 1 board 3PlayerCountryCentersScore
Jelte KuiperAustria45
Robbie ElbertseEngland1049
William HackenbrachtFrance45
Rob ShepherdGermany01
Pascal van AlphenItaly614
Fabian StraubRussia823
Erno ErnovitzTurkey01
EDC2019 round 2 board 1PlayerCountryCentersScore
Thaddäus StrukAustria01
Dirk BrüggemannEngland01
Pascal van AlphenFrance712
Tom de GreefGermany712
William HackenbrachtItaly1150
Frank OosteromRussia823
Kees van MontfoortTurkey12
EDC2019 round 2 board 2PlayerCountryCentersScore
Marvin FriedAustria12
Jelte KuiperEngland23
Philipp WeissertFrance823
Martijn BoumanGermany1049
Fabian StraubItaly45
Ullrich MüllerRussia23
Cyrille SevinTurkey715
EDC2019 round 2 board 3PlayerCountryCentersScore
Fabian HuberAustria23
Dave van LeeuwenEngland01
Hunter KatcherFrance936
Robbie ElbertseGermany611
Erno ErnovitzItaly23
Claesar webDipRussia936
Tjeerd BroersmaTurkey611
EDC2019 TOP BOARDPlayerCountryCentersScore
Philipp WeissertAustria12
Martijn BoumanItaly45
William HackenbrachtGermany614
Robbie ElbertseTurkey01
Claesar webDipEngland2.003
Hunter KatcherRussia14.0053
Kees van MontfoortFrance7.0022
EDC2019 final round board 2PlayerCountryCentersScore
Thaddäus StrukRussia0.001
Cyrille SevinItaly2.003
Fabian StraubGermany8.0016
Ullrich MüllerFrance11.0038
Frank OosteromEngland0.001
Tom de GreefAustria2.003
Marvin FriedTurkey11.0038
EDC2019 final round board 3PlayerCountryCentersScore
Jelte KuiperTurkey0.001
Tom de GreefRussia2.003
Fabian HuberGermany0.001
Tjeerd BroersmaEngland8.0019.5
Dirk BrüggemannItaly7.008
René van RooijenAustria9.0048*
Marvin FriedFrance8.0019.5