EDC 2019 – Telex

Pictures, gossips and memorable quotes. As from next saturday this page will provide you with live telegrammes from the front.

EDC 2019 as it happens:

  • 26.11.2019 13:49All victors (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 26.11.2019 13:49Martijn Bouman is the new Dutch Champion (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 26.11.2019 13:46The victors (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 26.11.2019 13:43Top Board: final situation (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 26.11.2019 13:43Board 2: final situation (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 26.11.2019 13:42Board 3: final situation: (Picture: Marvin Fried)
  • 24.11.2019 18:27All results
    All results are in this Google sheet. Congratulations to the winners! This website will be updated later.
  • 24.11.2019 16:13Hunter Katcher is European Champion Diplomacy 2019!
    1. Hunter Katcher
    2. Philipp Weissert
    3. William Hackenbracht
    As best achieving Dutchman, Martijn Bouman became Dutch champion. Congratulations gentlemen!
  • 24.11.2019 13:40TOP BOARD after Fall 1903
  • 24.11.2019 13:38Board 2 round 3 after Fall 1903
  • 24.11.2019 09:51Getting ready for day 2
    Good morning Europe! The rankings are up to date. Here they are. And you can find out who made it to the top board (and the other boards) here. Also, when the telegramm pole was rebuilt we got a whole bag of telegrammes from Frank. I'll be integrating them into the tick-stream shortly. And maybe add some impressions others made too. Looking forward to today!
  • 23.11.2019 20:20There is something at stake
  • 23.11.2019 20:14For victory toasts
  • 23.11.2019 20:03Pictures by Dirk Brüggermann:
  • 23.11.2019 18:18Pictures: Bill Hack
    Bills Pics
  • 23.11.2019 18:17What exactly is going on here?
  • 23.11.2019 16:17They bombed the telegraph poles!
    Due to a technical misunderstanding we seem to have lost contact with the front. So we might have to wait on results a little longer. They'll be there eventually. I've been told there were no civilian casualties but honoustly, who can tell? I'm in the dark...
  • 23.11.2019 14:37Final year is at hand
    Round one is concluding. 1907 is about to start. If all is well we'll be seeing results in an hour or so.
  • 23.11.2019 13:20Pictures of Bernard Adrioli
  • 23.11.2019 12:48Turkeys moves
  • 23.11.2019 12:38What we are here for.
    Prices EDC 2019
  • 23.11.2019 11:05Generals Arriving
    Generals Arriving
  • 23.11.2019 09:37A new Challenger has arrived! (almost)
    Wobzter incoming from Delft.
  • 23.11.2019 09:12Game Day 1!
    Packed up and ready 2 go. #cuallthere #edc2019 #round1 #11.30
  • 18.11.2019 13:27Follow the updates on games, standings, gossip & much more!
  • 18.11.2019 08:20EDC 2019
    During next weekend's tournament live tickers will be visible here to give you a glimpse of all the stuff that's going on here in Amsterdam!